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Sound Design
Designer| Editor| Podcaster

Die Anywhere Else

By Collin Casey

Dir. by Annika Prager

Premiered at Hunter College

DAE TV Channels
DAE Bass fasterrrr 1
DAE 1.jpg

Blood on My Mother's Apron

By Rachel Leighson

Dir. by Josie McAdams

Premiered Off-Broadway at Theatre Row

Annis Sound 3
Prison Soundscape

Trailer Trashd Podcast

Started in 2019 by Courtney Seyl and Grayson Bradshaw. They watch movies together that Courtney has never seen.

The River Wild


Written and Dir. by Courtney Seyl

Premiered at the Tank Theatre in Oct. of 2021

opening sound 2
bar scene act 3

Ramsay's Recaps Podcast

Started in December of 2020, Ramsays Recaps dives deep into the shows of Gordon Ramsay starting with Kitchen Nightmares

The Black Pearl
ramsays logo.jpg

THGlee podcast

Started in 2021 and hosted by Courtney Seyl and Elise Eldridge. They watch Glee together while (legally) consuming marijuana. 

1x03 acafellas (1)
1x06 vitamin d
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